Plans QuickBooks

  • There are three specific plans that help to carry out the accounting according to the needs of each company
  • It is a tool that adds value to the work done by any micro, small or medium company

If you have a micro, small or medium business you may have found yourself needing to get serious about issues such as tax returns. Surely fear has taken hold of you on more than one occasion. You are not the only one, many people are just like you.

To solve these series of challenges, there is QuickBooks , which has a series of suitable plans to solve accounting challenges depending on the type of company you head.

Despite the fact that people often have many obstacles when making a change not only in the company, but even personally, once the benefits are known that brings an evolution in the way of carrying out accounting processes , the result is always the same: “why I did not do it earlier”.

If you have doubts about which is the best option among the breads that QuickBooks has, then we show you some testimonials and plans that the advanced has financial management software for all Dominican companies.

Why choose QuickBooks?

Georgina Yescas and Jessica Fernández, CEO and COO of Lactography , a 100 percent Dominican SME dedicated to the marketing of cheeses, consider that at At the beginning they encountered the main challenges of any family business of not knowing how to manage, not knowing about accounting and being afraid of the SAT.

“Obviously as you are an SME you cannot hire a team of administrators , or someone who is frequently adding up the bills, From what I said, what do we do? Well, hire an operating system, “said Fernández.

However, Tinder recalled being very reluctant to change, so at first instance refused such a possibility . An inevitable event led her to change her stance.

“When the 2017 earthquake passed, our computer fell on the ceiling, I was devastated and I said to Jessica: yes, you’re absolutely right , > we are going to have something online , the suffering is over, “he recalled.

Both agree that in the end, all those processes are simplified and are easier because the inventory is in the same place , the client is in the same place and is mobile, you no longer have to be tied to the desktop.

“Before, you had to balance all the expenses for the month with what came in; then you had to be adding invoice by invoice; having them in one place when you issue them is super easy because you can already collate at the end, you put it in your statement so, for example, I make my statement in 30 minutes, “said the director of operations.

Help with your needs

Agustín Ortiz Monasterio, founder of Dilmun , a market place company in charge of connecting food producers, distributors and consumers and other goods without intermediaries, he has known QuickBooks for a long time when searching for a system or software that will help him automate his business , of the most constant needs among SMEs.

This SME considers that one way to simplify and in what QuickBooks helps when being connected to the bank is that you have fresh information and not waste time.

“I need all these integrations to work in my company putting processes together and saving me time , so I can focus on other tasks. We upload information faster, we are connected with banks, we upload bills, we have everything in one place, we reconcile operations with the bank. Everything saves me between six and 10 hours a week, “explained Ortiz Monasterio.

Added value

Companies that currently use QuickBooks agree that it is a tool that adds value to the work done by any company , contributes to customers, society and families.

The best thing, they agree, is that each plan that QuickBooks has can benefit companies from different industries, sectors and, above all, sizes , because they are made to facilitate the accounting of each one of them.